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Regulations of repair guarantee of laser engraving mach

Regulations of repair guarantee of laser engraving machine

The warranty is one year for the whole machine .Laser tube(Broken caused by high water temperture and frozen caused by low water temperature is not included ),lens,mirrors,sensor,water pump are not included.

Regulations of repair

1. We have the right to change the specifications function and appearance without notification.

2. Some fee for repair and service must be paid for products out warranty.

3. The serials given by manufactures before shipment is very important.We can provide after-sales service after the information in the catd be confirmed.

4. The guarantee is effective after sealed by our wholesaler.Correction without authorization is ineffective.

5. We undertake the legal responsibility of product itself after sales.We are not responsible for other losses caused by the machine after it has problems or indirect compensation.The manufacturers are not responsible for the commercial benefits ,business interruption,or other monetaty losses caused by normal or abnormal usage of the machine.

6. Our company will not undertake free repair caused by disassembly of the machine without authorization,the machine is not used in correct way ,or problems caused by calamites of nature.Our company won’t reponsible if the customer can not show the warranty

7. We provide free repair and service on condition of normal operation under warranty.

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