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typs of laser cutting machine

Three types of  Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine can be divided into three types, is here about the form of the mode.

Laser cutting machine is a product of modern pop, it instead of the items the better human labor to complete the cut, there are many experts in models to fit different requirements of cutting, laser cutting machine, I think the key is divided into three species specific which three?

Equipped type: This laser cutting machine main cutting slab advantage, and the great range of processing, can the 2 x 6 m or 3 m * 9 board placed directly on the machine cutting.

Desktop machine: This machine cut sheet processing speed, but the general maximum effective cutting range of 1.5 x 3 meters. (Such as switchgear, elevator, decoration and other industries) This machine is now on the market a lot, the processing competition relatively large, but the application is relatively broad.

Large, the most commonly used industrial laser machine: mainly composed of nitrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide gas plus K volts high voltage generating laser, wherein four kinds of gas to 99% of high purity gases.

Principle: laser cutting machine laser generated by the front mirror after mirror, mirror, condenser four lenses reached the nozzle, with the nozzle at the spray auxiliary gas, 99% pure oxygen to do the cutting gas, to produce high temperature, and certain pressure cut through the workpiece. This do, in fact, a large laser machine principle, I think that in fact, the principles are the same.

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